1000th swissQprint machine now in operation

Franck Dallefrate (right) of JPC Labo is highly satisfied with his Nyala LED and with swissQprint’s partner sQp Impression UV, represented by Alain Greiner.

JPC Labo of Marly, France, took delivery of the 1000th swissQprint large format printer in May. This Nyala LED has injected new impetus into the business, with significant productivity increases and an expanded range of services.

We’re paying a visit to the customer who began operating the 1000th printer from Swiss manufacturer swissQprint in May 2018: JPC Labo of Marly in France. Franck Dallefrate, the company’s owner and CEO, is highly satisfied: “The installation was done and dusted in just one day.” And production started running the very next day.

High volumes – short times

“Nyala LED needs just one day for work that used to take a whole week with our old flatbed printer,” Franck Dallefrate is pleased to point out. He’d had his eye on a swissQprint machine for a long time, he adds. But before he could consider procuring one, he had to restructure his business. “Now we have the capabilities to generate and process the volume that a printer of this sort can handle.”

A convincing multi-purpose tool

A presentation at sQp Impression UV, swissQprint’s partner in France, confirmed what Dallefrate already knew: “Other suppliers wanted to sell me three different machines to perform all the functions that one single Nyala LED can handle on its own.” He mentions pure flatbed printing, high-precision roll printing and – most important for him – finishing with effect varnish. Franck Dallefrate refers affectionately to his new large format printer as his “Swiss Army Knife”.

Image and print service provider

JPC Labo originally started out as a supplier of photographic services, but nowadays the firm views itself as an image and print provider. Development of photos still accounts for 30 per cent of the business, because the customer base still includes many photographers – who, together with artists, are now taking full advantage of the diverse range of special options offered by the Nyala LED. Varnish finishing and multilayer printing are especially popular. In addition, JPC Labo supplies decorative elements for ceilings, walls and floors in hotels and catering outlets and on trade fair stands, POS articles for the retail trade, and also lettering and signage for various clients.

Franck Dallefrate and his team are keen to experiment – always with the focus on solutions. “Occasionally, we quote for things even though we don’t know exactly how we’re going to produce them,” Franck Dallefrate admits with a laugh, “but we do know that we’ll manage the job with the Nyala LED.” The firm is also becoming more proactive in proposing new solutions to potential customers. Summing up, Dallefrate says: “Since we purchased the Nyala LED, our offering has become far broader than it was before.”

Originally posted as a swissQprint September press release

Applying graphics to walls and other surfaces


With the current trends in interior design and décor, more and more customers are asking for pressure sensitive wall graphic materials to make custom designs in retail or home settings. What is often not considered when designing custom wall graphics is where the end user wants to apply the material or on what type of surface they choose to stick onto. Different textures will require different adhesives to make sure that the graphic stands up for the duration of its life expectancy.  Also, if it is for short term display that there is no damage caused to the wall surface during removal which could lead to extra costs in the long run. Most product installation failures are due to a range of factors including; improper surface cleaning and poor installation techniques but more often it’s because the wrong vinyl was used. Even the strongest adhesives peel and fall off when the wrong product is used in the wrong environment and application.

We always get asked for a vinyl film that works for all type of surfaces especially on walls where higher amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)  in the paint can cause tremendous headaches. The simple answer is a “one size fits all”  product does not exist and that is why it’s very important to test a section of wall to make sure correct vinyl is selected.

Where Do Wall Application Challenges Come From?

-Low VOC paint is a key issue with most painted walls

-Allowing sufficient time for paint to dry on walls before applying graphics is another key challenge. Rule of thumb is most painted surfaces require at least 10 days for curing and off gassing before being ready for pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl  to adhere to them.

– Poor cleaning of the wall prior to installation

– Faulty installation methods

What does low VOC mean?

Certain types of paints emit potentially harmful gases called volatile organic compounds or VOCs.  VOCs are the hot topic with paint manufacturers and many have reduced the VOCs in their products to meet consumer demand and industry regulations. The lower the amount of VOCs in the paint, the better it is for you use and clean, but more difficult for vinyl adhesion due to more latex and silicon in the paint. The result is that shortly after installation the graphics start to peel off the wall or curl at the edges and sometimes completely fall off the wall. Most important is to remember that that is not the adhesives fault!

What are my solutions?

It is recommended that every customer purchase a 3M Wall Test Kit to eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong adhesive for the surface that the graphics are intended for. Although testing does not always seem feasible or convenient for many customers, re-printing and reinstallation most certainly is not desirable so we recommend to do it the right way the first time and test the surface before to select that right pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl for the job.  If none of the adhesive within the kit stick, then a primer maybe recommended before any application. A clear fast drying primer can be used to increase the surface tension between wall and adhesive therefore giving better adhesion. A couple of brands of primer that could be used are Zinsser Bulls Eye or Gardz primer.

Are you interested to learn more about the graphic materials offered by 3M and how to apply them to a variety of smooth, textured, flat and contoured surfaces? Please join us as we host a Walls, Windows ‘N Floors Workshop at 3M Canada in St. Laurent , Quebec on Tuesday October 9th, 2018. You will learn how to apply graphic films to a variety of surfaces and learn about the installation tools that are indispensable to make your next job more efficient and more profitable.


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Introducing COBALT Graphics Distribution: let’s grab some attention!

COBALT is a fresh new name in the printing industry. We are highly motivated towards growth and will do what it takes to be strong for our customers’ business. The company was founded as a result of a series of acquisitions of smaller wide format distribution companies across Canada, and of Ernest Green & Son, the largest independent distributor of graphic arts products in Canada. The net result of integrating the various companies together is a wide-ranging knowledge of the total print industry with a real expertise in wide format, commercial offset and flexographic markets. Matching the knowledge of the team is a world class product and service portfolio. COBALT is uniquely positioned to help print service providers take the leap into new technology, materials and different sectors so that they can diversify and grow their business. COBALT partners with innovative manufacturers who value new technology and are consistently trying to improve results. At the same time, COBALT is committed to working with you, in flexible and innovative ways, recognizing that every business has unique challenges and needs. We operate with drive, innovation, and determination to be your proactive partner and confident catalyst to change and grow your organization. We are all in the business of communication: let’s grab some attention.